X-ray array detector
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Model Type Pixel size Pixel matrix Effective area
Merak1313 CMOS 100μm 1280×1280 128×128 mm²
Merak1412 CMOS 100μm 1404×1204 140.4×120.4mm²
Merak1215A CMOS 49.5μm 2940×2342 115.9×145.5 mm²
Merak1613S a-Si (TFT) 125μm 1274×1024 159.3×128 mm²
Merak1615 CMOS 100µm 1600×1500 160×150mm²
Merak1917Z IGZO (TFT) 120µm 1536×1386 184.3×166.3mm²
Merak2121 CMOS 135µm 1504×1560 203×211mm²
Merak3030 CMOS 100µm 3240×3000 324×300mm²
Merak3030Z IGZO (TFT) 148µm 2048×2048 303.1×303.1mm²
Merak3040 CMOS 100µm 4320×3000 432×300mm²
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